What is a credit union in Japan ?

Credit unions (abbreviated name: Shinkumi) have the principle of “mutual assistance”, and each and every person in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses, and people in the area, business areas and occupations support each other and fulfill their dreams. It is a financial institution of a cooperative organization based on the “Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperative Law” whose mission is to deposit and make loans when necessary under appropriate examination.

Credit cooperatives, which are cooperatives, consider the interests of their members first and contribute to the development of their members. At the same time, they actively engage in social contribution projects in addition to financial services.

How to become a member ?

The following people can become members by investing in a credit union.

Those who have an address or residence in the area of the credit union
Those who work in the area of the credit union
Small-scale business operators (*) that engage in commercial, industrial, mining, transportation, service, or other businesses within the credit union area
*Limitation on the scale of the business

  1. Up to 50 business operators whose main business is the retail business or up to 50 million yen
  2. Within 100 business operators whose main business is the service industry or within 50 million yen
  3. Up to 100 business operators whose main business is wholesale business or up to 100 million yen
  4. Other than the above 300 companies or 300 million yen

Where are we ?Location of Head office and branches

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